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wifi stop is a community project aiming to offer the Internet access to motor home and leisure boat owners during their roaming. In order to do that, we have chosen to put our hotspots on the areas restricted to motor homes and leisure boats ports.
wifi stop Wi-Fi internet connection subscription start at 3 €.


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wifi STOP zones

so far, we are setting up the wifi stop terminals all over France. You can find these areas thanks to the panel shown opposite.

A quality service

wifi stop offers an unlimited and safe connection to all its members. We use a high standing material to transmit the wifi signal and fairly share the connection among the different users.

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The community

Who among us has never wished to look at the latest news on the Internet, chat live with his family (MSN, Facebook, Skype, etc.) or even update his blog with his latest adventures and discoveries. Today, our club offers you the possibility to do all these things when you stop by our information areas, directly from your motor home or your leisure boat.

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In addition to the Internet access, the wifi stop club will give you all the information regarding the different touristic activities and discoveries close to our wifi stop information areas. This touristic information are regularly updated.

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Find an area

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Map of wifi STOP Areas & Ports
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